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Council of Religions

In the Council of Religions, citizens of Ulm from Christian, Jewish, and Islamic communities come together to support each other.

The Council has set itself the goal of participating in public events, like the ”Intercultural Weeks“, to create multireligious celebrations for public occasions in Ulm, to draw up statements, to promote religious education, to support the construction of rooms for prayer and worship, and to organize an annual meeting for all religions represented in Ulm.

Each member organization sends two delegates to participate in the Council of Religions: One clergyman and one layperson.

The Council meets at least three times a year and is represented to the public by three elected spokespersons. Advisory members are the Mayor of Ulm, a city representative for international affairs, and a representative of the National Council of Christian Churches Ulm/Neu-Ulm.

Council of Religions

Dekan Matthias Hambücher, Selda Karaduman and Rabbiner Shneur Trebnik
89073 Ulm
Olgastraße 137

Phone +49 0731 9206010
Fax +49 0731 9206015