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"Lernhaus" for Women

Were you born in Germany or migrated to the country some time ago? You speak German and have time and interest to gain new qualifications? You want to build bridges between countries? Then "Lernhaus" for Women is probably the right thing for you! In the "Lernhaus" you will find women with or without international roots. Here you will meet young and elderly women with diverse cultural, religious backgrounds and different worldviews. Are you interested? Click here for the flyer in German.


International Salon opening: Thursday February 8, 6:30pm

We want Ulm to become your new home as quickly as possible - a “home away from home". The international Salon is a great opportunity for you to get involved, become active and enhance your network amongst other international folk in Ulm.

We invite you to say good-bye to winter with a warm hello to the international Salon on Thursday, the 8th of February at 6:30pm.

For more information: http://www.ulm-internationalestadt.de/en/home/active-in-ulm/international-salon.html


International City of Ulm on Facebook and Instagram

International City of Ulm is now on Facebook and Instagram! Intercultural events and encounters, latest news from the international city, new campaign "When I think of Ulm" and even more!





Brochure "Welcome to Germany"

What are the general requirements to enter Germany? Where can I learn German? How do I find an accommodation and a job? Are there childcare facilities? Will my school or univerity certificates be recognised?

This brochure, that was created on behalf of Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees, provides answers to all of these questions. It can be downloaded for free as PDF in German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Englisch, Farsi, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.