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Nihonjinkai - Japan Club Ulm e.V.

Since 1994, the Japan Club Ulm is a meeting place for people in and around Ulm who feel connected to Japan. We meet regularly to celebrate seasonal festivals and at our monthly round table meetings (every second Sunday in the month). We are all brought together by our connection to Japan: For the Japanese living in the region, the Japan Club lets them feel closer to home. German members of the club, who have lived in Japan due to work or study, or have travelled in Japan for a cultural exchange or on a trip, feel similarly. There are also those, who feel a connection to Japan from learning the language or through their interest in Japanese culture, religion, or sports.

Welcome are Japanese people and those who feel a connection to Japan.

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Nihonjinkai - Japan Club Ulm e.V.

Kimiko Bühler
Amselweg 5
89160 Dornstadt-Scharenstetten


Russisch Orthodoxer Verein e.V.

The Church of the Holy Martyrs Valentine and Pasicratus of the City of Ulm is part of the Berlin Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Churches of the Muscovite Patriarchy and has about 500 members. The members of the congregation participate in worship services and various community activities for social and cultural institutions.

The community has two churches: The Chapel of St. Valentine on Minister Square (belonging to the Minster congregation) and the Church to Honor the Icon of the Mother of God.

Worship services, baptism, marriage, confession, catechism school for children, pastoral support, Russian language course (free of charge), music school (free of charge).








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Russisch Orthodoxer Verein e.V.

Abt Maxim Schmidt
Judenhof 9
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 1849165
Fax +49 731 1849166

Office hours

Please schedule an appointment.

Summer opening hours

Chapel of St. Valentine:
Tuesday and Thursday, 11 am - 4 pm

Church to Honor the Icon of the Mother of God "The Sign", Judenhof 9:
Saturday 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

Winter opening hours

Chapel of St. Valentine (only during worship services)
Tuesday and Thursday:
11 am - 4 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 9 am - 4 pm

SC Türkgücü Ulm e.V.

We are an open and multicultural soccer club (county league/state league). Our motto: Work together, not against each other - Sport promotes integration and builds intercultural bridges. Integration is ultimately a social process where everyone can make a contribution. We want to make our contribution through soccer.

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SC Türkgücü Ulm e.V.

Ali Incekara
Postfach 1152
89001 Ulm

Phone +49 179 8203771

Schweizer Verein Ulm/Neu-Ulm e.V. (Swiss Association)

Cultivate and promote Swiss culture (customs, language, social interaction)

Welcome are Swiss people living in other countries.



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Schweizer Verein Ulm/Neu-Ulm e. V.

Gabriela Marti
Kelternweg 123
89075 Ulm

Phone +49 731 56782

Spanische Vereinigung Ulm/Neu-Ulm e.V. (Spanish Association)

Founded in 1968, the goal of the association is to represent the interests of Spanish citizens and create a center for culture, social interaction, and sports. Events like carnival, Mother´s Day or Columbus Day are part of the program, as well as participation in various events held by other associations and institutions. Casa de España (House of Spain), Hauffstraße 1, is open to everyone and offers original Spanish delicacies on Fridays starting at 5 pm.

Flamenco dance group, information for immigrants, youth work, open groups, parties and celebrations in the auditorium of the Casa de España.

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Spanische Vereinigung Ulm/Neu-Ulm e.V.

Juan Ruiz-Romero
Hauffstraße 1
89077 Ulm

SV Ljiljan Ulm

Youth soccer (Bambini, F-Youth, E-Youth), active soccer for adults, KUD DUKATI (dance department, folklore), ZAM ZAM (martial arts department).

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SV Ljiljan Ulm

Adnan Prosic
Auchertwiesenweg 21
89081 Ulm

Phone +49 176 49561812

Toprak Ana Women´s group

The group was founded in 1994. Since then, we have organized various events like health seminars, handicraft courses, trips, interreligious dialogues.

Welcome are children, families and seniors.



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Toprak Ana Women´s group

Nilgün Dagistanli
Frauengraben 39
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 65839


Community Center Mitte
Thursdays, 2 pm - 5 pm



Türkisch-Deutsche Frauenfreundschaftsgruppe (Turkish-German Women´s Friendship Group)

The Turkish-German Women´s Friendship Group promotes getting to know the similarities and differences of German and Turkish cultures and religions, particularly from the perspectives of women and girls.

Visits of cultural institutions, religious institutions, museums, documentation centers, support for school celebrations, promote Turkish folklore, organize meetings between German and Turkish women, close collaboration with Sie´ste.

Welcome are girls, women and families.

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Türkisch-Deutsche Frauenfreundschaftsgruppe

Rukiye Kaplan
Soldatenstraße 50
89077 Ulm

Phone +49 731 33534