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Ulm Initiative for Women and Children in Kabul e. V.

We, the Ulm Initiative for Children and Women in Kabul e.V. have officially been registered as an aidorganization since February 1999. Our goal is to support women and children in the areas of education and health, and to set up and maintain the technical equipment for these facilities.

We work to offer

  • Healthcare
  • school building

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Ulm Initiative for women and children in Kabul e. V.

Miernasrodien Rafizada
Heideweg 5
89160 Dornstadt

Phone +49 7336 8441

Ulmer Volkshochschule e. V. (adult education center)

The Ulmer Volkshochschule (adult education center) is the region´s largest further education institute. It describes itself as an integration-oriented school and open service and continuing education provider whose mission is to bring together adults and children of all ethnic origins, ages and walks of life. The vh Ulm is a place of learning, discussion and physical and mental regeneration, as well as a meeting and starting point for numerous initiatives. Its courses are attended by an annual 22,000 people and its open evening events by 20,000. It offers 1,800 courses and 300 open events.

Subjects include politics, society, the environment, culture and design, foreign languages, German as a foreign language and vocational training.

Those attending German courses receive special discounts on other courses and free admission to lectures, films and concerts.

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Ulmer Volkshochschule e. V.

Dr. Dagmar Engels
Kornhausplatz 5
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 1530-17
Fax +49 731 1530-60

Ungarischer Kulturverein Ulm e. V. (Hungarian cultural association)

The Ungarische Kulturverein (Hungarian cultural association) aims to promote the Hungarian language and traditions, along with cultural events, youth work, talks, dances and Hungarian gastronomy. It also seeks to inform people in the Ulm area about Hungary´s cultural achievements.

  • dances
  • exhibitions
  • gastronomy
  • talks (in German and Hungarian)
  • slide shows (in German and Hungarian)

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Ungarischer Kulturverein Ulm e. V.

Enikö Székely
Magdalenda Baczur
Unterer Kuhberg 16
89077 Ulm

Phone +49 731 354 79

Opening hours

Saturday: from 6 pm
plus day events as advertised in the program

Association of Transylvanian Saxons in Germany e. V., chapter of Ulm

We cultivate the Transylvanian culture and language that we have brought with us to Germany, in an open group. After 800 years in Transylvania, we want to keep this culture alive here in Germany. The events that we offer create the framework for this and we extend a warm welcome to all, either to get to know us or to celebrate with us.

We offer

  • Theater group
  • dance group (being set up)
  • ballsin the spring/fall/carnival time
  • summer festival with tree cake baking
  • trips
  • Monday Meeting every 1st Monday in the month (February, April, June, Octoberin parish hall Martinusheim Wiblingen, Dreifaltigkeitsweg 21, 89079 Ulm)

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Association of Transylvanian Saxons in Germany e. V., chapter of Ulm

Claudia Benkö
Gansweidweg 1
89155 Erbach

Tel. +49 7305 1780335

Yagance - Education und Development

The association supports the village of Yagance in southeast Burkina Faso. It has built two housing units for teachers and one school kitchen. Now it is collecting money for an infirmary. It supports schooling by paying for school costs for the third child and anymore children of a family.

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Yagance - Education and Development

Wolfgang Lipp
Holzgasse 21
89081 Ulm

Tel. +49 731 9260477