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International Salon

We want Ulm to become your new home as quickly as possible - a “home away from home". The international Salon is a great opportunity for you to get involved, become active and enhance your network amongst other international folk in Ulm. It is an international Happy Hour, a new opportunity to share mutual interests, exchange experiences and make new friends. The international Salon is born out of the great experience of the Women's Club.

When: Every third Thursday of the month at 06:30 pm

Exception: FRIDAY, 18.09.2020, 8 pm,
Zirkel 854, Hirschstraße 12/1, Ulm

The International Salon gets to know different bars in Ulm. Exceptionally we meet on Friday (Zirkel 854 doesn´t open on Thursdays). We are so exiceted - Cheers!

max. 20 people, registration required! Wearing a mask is mandatory. We must observe distancing and hygiene regulations.

Who: expats, friends, colleagues.

Language of the event: English.

International Salon

Frau Feyza Nalbant