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Intercultural Garden (Zebra)

We are a garden community of young and older individuals from various countries.

Our connection is the joy of gardening and the desire for intercultural exchange. When we meet and work together, we share our different cultures and experience. This enriches each of our lives.

  • plant your own plots 
  • join group gardening activities
  • participate in planning processes
  • take part in group celebrations
  • enjoy the tranquility in a big garden
  • find discussion partners 
  • experience the great outdoors

People of all age groups, individuals of international origin, refugees, school-age children.

Intercultural Garden (Zebra)

Maïlys Boyer, Ansuria di Napoli,
Eckhart Hauff und Khader Mreisi
Fünf-Bäume-Weg 42
89081 Ulm

Phone +49 731 14392578
Phone +49 7307 7436
Phone +49 731 3806662
Phone +49 7348 2514574