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International Festival 2019

On the 04.05.2019 the International Festival took place.
Despite the cold weather numerous visitors celebrated the diversity in our city.

The opening event took place at the city library of Ulm on Friday. The author Thea Dorn presented her work during an interview with Nilufar K. Münzing. The author's book "Deutsch. Nicht dumpf." and the topics identity, patriotism and Europe where the hightlights of the evening.

On Saturday the festival began with the parade of cultures. With music and a great mood multiple international associations danced through the city to the market place in Ulm. At the market place over 45 different associations welcomed the visitors and presented them delicious international food.
The opening speech of Lord Mayor Gunter Czisch was followed by spectacular dances and shows by the different international associations.
Afterwards the Taiko Zentrum Deutschland entertained the crowd with their drums.
Live music by RythmFellows, Rod Fritz, Big Daddy X and Diana Ezerex, which was organized by RadioFreeFM, ensured a great atmosphere until the late evening.

We would like to thank all associations, bands and visitors who took part in the International Festival, you made the event special!

We are looking forward to see you at the next International Festival!

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