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The Coordination Center International City

The Coordination Center International City was newly es­tab­lished in 2013 to coordinate the wide variety of ac­tiv­ities for the implementation of the concept "Ulm: An International City" and to contribute to the further development of the concept.

Under the responsibility of the Mayor of the City of Ulm, it exercises influence on the key sectors that affect peaceful coexistence within the diversified urban community. In order to fulfill this task, the Coordination Center operates as a cross-sectional task center in close cooperation with the specialized departments of the city government and in collaboration with key figures in society, organizations and institutions in the city.

The Coordination Center has the following tasks:

  • Positioning, coordination, and control of Ulm as an international city inside and outside the administration
  • Support intercultural opening processes in the city
  • Networking with the parties involved
  • Promote equal participation of the immigrant population in social and socio-political life
  • Support all measures, which promote social solidarity in the urban community
  • Public relations work

The Coordination Center International City also supports projects which bear reference to internationality in Ulm. … more

Coordination Center International City

Donaustraße 5
89073 Ulm

Tel. +49 731 161-5605
Fax +49 731 161-5618

Artan Balaj
Head of Coordination Center International City
Tel. +49 731 161-5611

Frank Riethdorf
Tel. +49 731 161-5612

Kathrin Thumerer
Tel. +49 731 161-4207

Anna Sonntag
Tel. +49 731 161-5605

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