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The girls´s and women´s club Sie´ste is a place to meet and greet for women and girls. 

Our regular meetings, lectures, events on long-term preventative health, excursions to other cities, and cultural venues are geared to the needs of girls and women primarily living in Weststadt. The objective of our communitywork is to bring generations and different cultures together, improve and cultivate social networking in our neighborhood.

We offer:

  • Women's breakfast
  • International women's café
  • Girls' café
  • Breakfast club
  • Creative group
  • Homework supervision
  • Girls' learning group
  • Cooperation with schools within the scope of associated full-day schooling
  • Sport activities: girls' soccer, swim courses for women/children, cycling courses for women, Pilates,yoga, aqua fitness, Nordic walking
  • Music group
  • Children's folklore group
  • Arts and crafts
  • PC courses
  • German conversation courses
  • Health lectures
  • Discussiongroups for support in critical situations
  • Healthgroups
  • Healthy food and cooking courses
  • Crashcourse in home economics.

Lectures can be translated into Turkish and childcare is provided for individual events, on request.

Mädchen-und Frauenladen Sie´ste, Frauennetz West e.V.

Sigrid Räkel-Rehner und
Rukiye Kaplan
Moltkestraße 72
89077 Ulm

Tel. +49 731 33534
Fax +49 731 32229