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Agency for Technical Relief

In a time when natural disasters are almost everyday occurences, every helping hand is welcome. Adolescents and adults are encouraged to provide active support. Under the motto "The Fascination of Helping", every volunteer has an opportunity to participate in the THW on either an honorary basis or as a full-time staff member. You´ll be sure to find something suitable! Let us know if you want to become part of an active support organization and one of the 80,000 members in Germany! We look forward to meeting you.

Welcome are adolescents between the ages of 10 and 17, interested and dedicated helpers of any age, and voluntary supporters of youth work.

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Agency for Technical Relief (THW)

Ortsverband Ulm/Donau
Am Sandhaken 34
89079 Ulm

Phone +49 731 47274
Fax +49 731 47285

Fire Department Ulm

The Fire Department saves the lives of people and animals from fires, traffic accidents, and other life-threatening emergencies. It provides assistance in storms and other natural disasters and protects citizens´property. In the case of accidents with hazardous chemical, biological, and nuclear materials, the Fire Department provides technical assistance and thereby contributes to environmental protection.

The Ulm Fire Department is comprised of the honorary Volunteer Fire Department, a department of full-time civil service officers, along with the Junior Fire Department, marching band, and the senior division. There ais also a civil defense unit, an height rescue unit, a rescue dog unit, and an expert chemical advisor. Welcome to the firefighters, we need people like you!

In the Junior Fire Department we offer general youth work and train technical firefighting expertise. Teamwork and social behavior are top priority.

Individuals in the active voluntary Fire Department service will complete technical firefighter training and extensive first aid training. This will benefit you both privately as well as professionally! Training also includes handling modern emergency vehicles and cutting-edge technology.

The Fire Department stands first and foremost for teamwork, reliability, comradeship, tolerance, and social cooperation. The network also benefits you in many private situations!

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Fire Department and Civil Protection

Hansjörg Prinzing
Keplerstraße 38
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 161-7101
Fax +49 731 161-7134

German Red Cross Ulm (DRK)

The German Red Cross is an international organization, which operates in 188 countries around the world under the umbrella organization International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The GRC District Association of Ulm offers a wide range of services

  • Voluntary work also available for individuals with limited German skills or with English language skills only in the Ulm food bank (Tafelladen)
  • first aid courses also in English
  • social skill enhancement with a voluntary year of social service up to the age of 26
  • outlets for affordable groceries and clothing
  • out-patient services for aged, ill, and disabled individuals
  • exercise and yoga for seniors
  • assisted excursions for seniors

Children and adolescents in the Red Cross Youth, senior citizens, poverty-stricken individuals, homeless, ill and disabled persons are very welcome.

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German Red Cross (DRK) District Association of Ulm e.V.

Claudia Steinhauer
Frauenstraße 125
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 1444-41
Fax +49 731 1444-22



Emergency Pastoral Care Ulm/Alb-Donau-Kreis

An emergency pastoral care team is available round the clock to provide support for people in times of crisis, regardless of nationality and faith. Our team now also includes Muslim emergency counselors.

We are constantly on call via the Ulm integrated Rescue and Fire Department Coordination Center. The emergency pastoral care unit is supported by the Protestant and Catholic churches, Ulm city council and the Alb-Donau district authority.

Volunteers wishing to provide emergency support for people in crisis situations are welcome. There is basic and continuous further training for active volunteers.

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Emergency Pastoral Care Ulm/Alb-Donau-Kreis

Michael Lobenhofer
St. Cyriak-Straße 3
89079 Ulm

Phone +49 176/19900991
Tel. +49 7305/935867