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Adult Education Center (Volkshochschule Ulm)

The adult education center Ulm (vh Ulm) is the largest institute for continued education in the region with 40,000 people attending its courses, seminars, lectures, concerts, films, and festivals each year.

One area of focus is the events, which promote interaction between people of different cultural backgrounds. Those who attend German courses receive special discounts for other courses offered.

  • Kontiki - Culture Workshop for children and adolescents
  • Aicher-Scholl College orientation year for adolescents with a secondary school diploma (16 - 25 years of age)
  • events with a focus on politics, society, environment, culture and design, health 
  • language school 
  • career development
  • women's and men's academy

Ulmer Volkshochschule vh Ulm e. V.

Dr. Christoph Hantel
Kornhausplatz 5
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 1530-0
Fax +49 731 1530-50

Family Education Center Ulm e. V. (fbs)

The Family Eduction Center right in the centre of Ulm invites you to join its broad range of more than 900 activities on all kinds of current topics around family life. The courses and lectures are held in Ulm-Mitte, in the Bürgerzentrum Eselsberg (Community Center Eselsberg), in the Weststadthaus (Community Center West), in Ulm-Söflingen, in Ulm-Wiblingen, and in six municipalities of the adjacent Alb-Donau-Kreis.

How should family life in today's society with its consumption orientation look like? Which conflicts may come up and how can we solve them? The Family Education Center is happy to assist you with professional advice and information - and it is always a great place to get to know and meet other families.

Under the overall motto "Family is Fun!" the Family Education Center supports the advancement of people of all ages in today's diverse family life.

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Family Education Center Ulm e. V.

Andrea Bartles
Sattlergasse 6
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 96 286 -0
Fax +49 731 96 286 -20