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Ulm: An international City - the concept

In January 2012, the Municipal Council of Ulm and the International Committee agreed upon the concept: "Ulm: International City". It affects all fields of public urban activity where we encounter internationality: 

  • Welcome culture and intercultural openness of the institutions
  • Internationality - basis for business and science
  • Integration through education
  • Social participation due to political participation
  • Associative culture and civic involvement
  • International encounters and cultural diversity
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Community in everyday life
  • Ulm: shelter for refugees
  • Management and networking

Goals and recommendations for action have been developed for each field of action in cooperation with many of those affected. Recommendations for action include e. g. measures for the intercultural openness of municipal authorities, the development of a labour market strategy to boost employment of immigrants, the establishment of meeting places for language and communication throughout the districts, information to parents about dealing with multilingualism, promotion of cooperations among cultural initiatives of different cultural origins, the development of intercultural cultivation competencies, and much more.

Here you can get the concept.

Coordination Center International City

Artan Balaj
Donaustraße 5
89073 Ulm

Phone +49 731 161-5611