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Medical Care

In case of illness, a general practitioner is your first port of call. It is best to register with a GP before you become ill. Following an examination, the GP will refer you to the relevant specialist. You should only go to the hospital in an emergency, during the night or weekend, or if the GP is unavailable. Always take your health insurance card with you when visiting the doctor. Make sure the doctor is one who treats patients with statutory health insurance.

Drugs prescribed by the doctor are available from a pharmacy. The out-of-pocket payment for prescribed drugs is generally 5 to 10 euros.

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Health guide

This information is based on voluntary data collection and may not be complete.

Medical emergency services

Judenhof 10
89073 Ulm

+49 731 1400140

Medical emergency services on weekends or at night

Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Ulm (army hospital)

Round-the-clock first aid is also provided by the interdisciplinary emergency room. In case of acute emergencies, please call the emergency number "112" or the local emergency service in Ulm +49 731 19 222.

Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Ulm (army hospital)

Oberer Eselsberg 40
89081 Ulm

+49 731 170-26521

Central emergency practice evenings and weekends

Poison control center

+49 89 19240

Emergency call center for poisoning incidents of any kind

Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin (children's hospital) Emergency room

The pediatric emergency service provides 24-hour specialist outpatient care and outpatient emergency care. For inpatient admissions and emergencies, the pediatric clinic is available round the clock. Clinic referrals are generally made by the general practitioner, who is also responsible for referrals to the specialist outpatient clinics.

Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin (children's hospital) Emergency room

Eythstraße 24<br/>89075 Ulm (Michelsberg)

+49 731 500 57444

Round-the-clock emergency service for children.

Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer Ulm

The Ulm Treatment Center for Torture Victims in an out-patient clinic, which primarily offers psychotherapeutic treatment for traumatized refugees and Germans suffering from acute trauma.

Psychotherapy (with interpreters), acute trauma treatment, art therapy for traumatized children, psychosocial support, advanced training for specialists

Traumatized refugees, traumatized children, who are already in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic therapy; victims of torture, wartime violence, or other violence in war and crisis zones; individuals suffering acute trauma due to accident, violence, etc.

Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer Ulm (BFU)

Manfred Makowitzkiy
Wagnerstr. 65
89077 Ulm

+49 731 88070890
+49 731 88070899


Medinetz Ulm e. V.

Founded by medical students, Medinetz Ulm e. V. is a human rights initiative with the objective of improving the situation of refugees, migrants, the homeless, and individuals without health insurance, who are completely or partially denied access to medical assistance in accordance with the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Procurement of medical aid, health promotion for homeless individuals in Ulm with a low-threshold offer, access to the health system for illegalized individuals and those who do not have health insurance, counseling

Individuals who do not have a health insurance, migrants, individuals without residence permits, or homeless persons

Medinetz Ulm e. V.

c/o DRK Übernachtungsheim
Frauenstraße 125
89073 Ulm

+49 151 54940649
+49 731 9685711


Office hours every second Thursday at the DRK-Übernachtungsheim from 6:30 pm - 8 pm

RKU – Universitäts- und Rehabilitationskliniken Ulm gGmbH

The Ulm University and Rehabilitation Clinics RKU are maximum care clinics specializing in orthopedics and neurology. The University Clinic for Orthope- dics and Neurology including the Stroke Unit and Center for Paraplegics along with the Clinic for An- aesthesia and Intensive Care make up the acute department of the RKU.

The Center for Integrated Rehabilitation (Zentrum für Integrierte Rehabilitation – ZIR) offers inpatient and all-day outpatient medical rehabilitation as well as medico-professional and professional rehabilitation services for orthopedic and neurological cases.

Medical care in various fields

RKU – Universitäts- und Rehabilitationskliniken Ulm gGmbH

Matthias Gruber
Oberer Eselsberg 45
89081 Ulm

+49 731 177 2000
+49 731 177 1059


Please schedule an appointment with the respective specialist clinic

Selbsthilfebüro KORN e. V.

The Self-help Office KORN (Regional Network Coordination Unit) is the main center for self-help and a contact and information center for healthcare and psychosocial offers in the Ulm and Neu-Ulm areas. All matters will be handled confidentially.

Information on self-help groups and healthcare offers in the region, support for self-help groups, consulting and support for the establishment of a self-help group, cooperation and networking with institutions in the healthcare and social welfare sectors, contact partner for technical questions relevant to self-help. Our offer is free of charge.

Adults, senior citizens, families

Selbsthilfebüro KORN e. V.

c/o Universitätsklinikum Ulm<br/>Karin Elsäßer und Lydia Ringshandl
Albert-Einstein-Allee 23
89081 Ulm

+49 731 88034410
+49 731 88034419


Universitätsklinikum Ulm

Ulm University Hospital offers state-of-the-art medical services to those living in the region and beyond. We provide interdisciplinary care for our patients according to the latest scientific findings and offer them access to innovative therapies. With their inter- nationally recognized research, our doctors and scientists contribute to improving healthcare. We also train tomorrow’s doctors, caregivers, and medical-technical specialists. The Ulm University Hospital is one of the major employers in the region.

Medical care in various fields, Academy for Health professions, interpreters available in many languages

Universitätsklinikum Ulm

Oberer Eselsberg, Michelsberg, Safranberg, Wiblingen
89070 Ulm

+49 731 500-0


Please schedule an appointment with the respective specialist clinic

Health insurance

All German citizens are obliged to take out health insurance. There are a number of statutory health insurance providers in Ulm and Neu-Ulm. Which one you choose is up to you.

Independent Patient Counseling Germany

Independent Patient Counseling Germany offers free advice from professionals in German, Turkish, Russian and partly in Arabic as online consultation, telephone consultation, with the UPD consulting app, in selected cities as on-side advice, as personal advice or through social media channels. For People with or without health insurance.